This is Me



Hi, I’m Mackenzie.

I rarely use my full first name unless I am filling out important paperwork. I typically go by Kenzie or Kenz. Yes, you can call me Mac, but not if you expect me to answer.

I was raised that it was rude to talk about yourself, making writing my ‘about me’ section, awkward AF; but let’s give it a shot!

After starting my daughter on her BLW (baby led weaning) journey, I began  posting on Instagram as a way to connect with other moms. By nature I have never been much of a sharer, always preferring to keep my private thoughts just that, but over the years I have realized that this is not exactly conducive to lasting friendships.

Those who know me in my ‘offline life’ know I am pretty introverted and tend to keep to myself. (Once you get to know me, I never shut up!) This blog gives me ability to open up and show parts of my life that others, can relate to.

Up until now I have mainly posted gluten-free toddler meals, but over the course of the last year I have wanted to share more about my life as a whole….so here I am!

I currently live in New Bedford, Massachusetts with my boyfriend, Matt, and our 2-year-old daughter, Harper. We hope to relocate to Texas in the not so distant future, preferably before Harper begins school. It has been Matt’s dream to live there since he was 19, and I learned from living in Tallahassee in my early twenties that I prefer the southern way of life, and ultimately the weather!

Let’s see, what else…I was a veterinary receptionist for almost 12 years and now I’m a stay-at-home-mom. I have held a wide variety of jobs over the years, including, but not limited to, cosmetic sales, accounting assistant, hotel laundry, marine diesel parts sales, restaurant hostess, and a short order cook. I also love to paint. Art is one of my true passions in life. Someday I dream of opening an art lab for kids where they can paint, be messy, and most importantly, be creative.

I am an anxiety ridden simple woman. I like vanilla soft serve, sunrises, lemonade, summer, and white daisies. I am a whitewater rafting enthusiast! I have been a bunch of times and worked with a company in West Forks, ME. If you ever get the opportunity to get lost in The Forks, don’t pass it up. The Forks is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life.

I cuss like a sailor, so if sweary-Moms aren’t your kind of people, you should probably close out of this browser tab now. I’ve seen Hocus Pocus more times than I can count. I’m obsessed with music and cannot imagine a day without it. I am unapologetically hanging on to the 90’s, and I have officially become old enough to say things like, “Is this what kids call music?”

I may have had a plethora of different jobs in my life, but nothing as challenging and rewarding as being a Mom.

I absolutely love being at home with Harper. I know this time with her is limited, and it was one of my biggest reasons for becoming a SAHM. We plan to add a few more babies to the mix in the next few years, and currently we are TTC baby #2.

I’m sure I have left out something vital, but I gotta leave something for me to write about. Thanks for following along!

– Kenz

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney