Plant Killer to Plant Lady in 30 years flat


I was starting to believe that I was never going to get the hang of house plants. (Look at me dropping puns right out the gate.)

Truth is, I’ve never been good with plants. In fact, if you wanted your plants to die a quick death, I would have recommended you place them in my care. I’d kill them in record time!

I once brought a dying plant of mine to my Dads house to see if he could save it somehow. I figured, he’s great with plants, any living thing really, he can fix it!

He was unmistakably bewildered as to what exactly I had done to it.

Diagnosis: D.O.A. and D.N.R.

He was kind enough to replace my sad pathetic dead plant with a clipping from his own, potted and ready to go.

I killed that one too.

This didn’t make sense to me!

I was raised in a home that always had copious amounts of house plants and even a huge garden. My grandfather ran a landscaping company until his retirement, that he purchased from my great-grandfather, who started the business and ran it until his retirement.

Why couldn’t I keep a plant alive?!

Was this ‘green thumb’ a gene that did not pass down to my DNA?

Boston Fern

Flash forward 5 years, and I’m not only capable of keeping a plant alive, but several!

I’m not certain exactly what changed. Perhaps once an individual reaches the age of 30 their green thumb matures. Perhaps all the wisdom my father had imparted had finally sunk in. Perhaps my maternal instinct was working on the plants too. Perhaps I discovered Google can answer any question I could ever have. Whatever it was, I seemingly became ‘The Plant Lady’ overnight!

Money Tree (Sadly no, it doesn’t grow money)

Now everyone asks me what my secrets are when it comes to plants.

Honestly, I don’t have any. I’ve learned everything I know from my Dad and Google.

My best (probably only) advice is to do your research; know the lighting in and around your home, how much space you have for the plant to grow, how often you should water it, so forth and so on; and then just find the plants that work best with what you’ve got.

Golden Pothos

My home has unbelievably low light! Anything that requires direct sunlight is going to die here; so I purchase plants that thrive in low light.

I schedule watering days and intermittently check the soil to see if some require more attention in between. I take some outside on the deck in the mornings for some indirect sunlight. The Boston Fern does best in high humidity, so I spray it with water often, hang it outside on humid sunless days, and in the winter it will get its own little humidifier.

So do your research, go buy some plants, and watch them grow! 🌿

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)
Aglaonema ‘Siam Pink’
Springs of Eden (yellow fluted, great for attracting hummingbirds) and Pink Geraniums

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